Melissa and Jordan

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This is Our Story

In March of 2015, Jordan & Melissa matched on the dating app, Tinder. They would message each other here and there, but Jordan wasn't able to get Melissa's phone number until June of 2015, when her grandmother passed away. Melissa found comfort in Jordan, as he was able to relate to his grandmother's passing years before.
Although numbers were finally exchanged, they didn't meet in person until August of 2015.

On August 7, 2015, Melissa and her girlfriends from work had a night of fun in downtown Fort Lauderdale. She let Jordan know of her plans ahead of time, and he had to think fast. Being a logistics major, Jordan managed to make it all work. He brought three of his guy friends out to match the amount of girlfriends Melissa had. Everyone seemed to click well when they all met, except for Jordan and Melissa. Let's just say, it was not love at first sight, and Jordan was "friend-zoned."

It took a short while for Melissa to realize that Jordan was someone incredibly special in her life. He wasn't like any other man she's ever met. He was different.

Fast forward to May 28, 2019, Jordan proposed to Melissa at the Angel Oak Tree in Charleston, SC! After a postponed wedding, they invite you to join them on June 13, 2021 in North Carolina to finally celebrate their union.
Morgan Kendall